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Skone Irrigation’s 1st annual Pivot School
February 8th  @ Pasco--  Basic Electrical 8:30-2:00
February 9th @ Pasco --Swing Arm Corners 8:30-2:00
February 10th @Pasco—Panel Programming 8:30-12:00
February 16th@ Warden—Basic Electrical 8:30-2:00
February 17th@Warden--Swing Arm Corners 8:30-2:00
February 18th@Warden--Panel programming 8:30-12:00
Cost is $60.00 and includes service manual and lunch
To RSVP call Chad Darcy (Pasco 545-8420)  or Cassie Skone (Warden 349-7364)


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