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Pepper Variety Update

The Tomato Magazine
December 2004

Sakata Seed America Inc.
P.O. Box 880
Morgan Hill CA 95038
Phone: (408) 778-7758
Fax: (408) 778-7768
Web: www.sakata.com

El Jefe (SPP 0615): A jalapeno pepper, El Jefe yields large to extra-large very dark green and glossy fruit on large plants. Plants produce high yields of beautiful fruit. El Jefe is resistant to bacterial spot, races 1-3.

Excel (SPP 1133): This large green-red hybrid bell pepper offers 4-lobed blocky to deep blocky fruit with excellent deep green color and thick walls. Excel performs well in California, the eastern U.S. and Mexico, producing very few culls. This variety is intended for "Camelot" growers as it offers improved fruit shape, uniformity and wall thickness.

Triunfo (XPP 0616): Sakata's newest pepper variety, Triunfo, is an extra large green-red jalapeno. Its large and vigorous plants produce good yielding, pungent, dark green fruit with little cracking or purpling. Triunfo is resistant to bacterial spot, races 1-3, and PVY, 0, 1 and 2.

Nirit Seeds Ltd.
Moshav Hadar Am 42935 Israel
Phone: 972-9-8322435
Fax: 972-9-8322438
E-mail: hana@niritseeds.com
Web: www.niritseeds.com

Nirit Seeds Ltd, an Israeli seed company, breeds, produces and markets hybrid vegetable seed worldwide. In the last few years Nirit Seeds Ltd. has dedicated great efforts in breeding new varieties of peppers. One of the most important projects is the breeding of special pepper varieties according to requirements and tastes of specific populations. Our new light pepper varieties are especially suited to the taste of the Balkan, Greek and Mediterranean populations. Following is a presentation of three varieties of different types, all light in color, which are very successful in these markets and show strong potential results in the North American markets as well:

Ringo 920 ("Shuska"): This sweet banana-type hybrid has a conical shape, is 4 cm in diameter, 18 cm long and weighs approximately 120 grams. It is sweet and has a smooth skin and a light green color which changes to red/orange when fully ripe. Ringo 920 has vigorous plant growth, matures early and has an extended harvest period. It is resistance to TMV.

2014: This is a light "blocky" or California-type hybrid. It has vigorous plant growth with large leaf coverage, is high yielding and matures early. Fruit is sweet, light green in color, has 3-4 nodes and weighs 150-180 grams. This variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses, net houses or open field on stake and is resistant to TMV and PVY.

968: This is a "Shipka" hot hybrid pepper variety, suitable for pickling. 968 produces strong plants with wide leaves that deliver especially high yields. Fruit is a classic Shipka type, light green in color, long shaped with two lobes and a slightly rounded point and thick skin. Fruit weight is 14-20 grams. This variety has resistance to TMV, PeMY and TEV.

The success of these varieties in the Balkan, Greek and other Mediterranean regions has opened the possibility of expanding into other regions, where the consumer populations have grown due to immigration. These three varieties are suitable for different climatic conditions which makes it possible to grown them in varied regions around the world.

Nirit Seeds Ltd pepper breeding program is extensive and attempts to cover a large range of different types-blocky, lamuyo in different colors (green/red, yellow and orange) and hot pepper varieties in various shapes and sizes such as habanero etc.
Our main goal is to give the best possible solutions to the varied requirements of our worldwide customers.

2700 Camino del Sol
Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone: (866) 334-1056 (toll-free)
Fax: (805) 918-2488
Web: www.seminis.com

Aristotle (X3R®): A green-to-red, blocky bell with tremendous yield potential, very heavy set, thick walls and enormous fruit size. It has a very vigorous plant that produces dark green, anthocyaninless fruit resistant to bacterial spot races 1,2,3 (X3Râ), PVY Po and Tobamovirus Po.

Papaloapan: A hybrid serrano with large fruit size and good shelf-life. It has a Scoville rating of 1300 and produces a continuous set on a very strong plant. It is resistant to PVY and has intermediate resistance to TEV.

Rebelde: A hybrid ancho that grows on a strong plant and produces a high percentage of two-lobed fruit. The fruit is large (17.5 cm x 9 cm) and matures from dark green to a chocolate color.

Aquiles (PS 14110851): An early, hybrid jalapeño that continuously sets large, uniform fruit on a strong plant. It has a high yield potential of smooth, thick-walled fruit that mature from green to red.

Rio de Oro: A very large Santa Fe-type that matures from a golden yellow to red. The fruit have wide shoulders, thick walls and excellent color. The plant is vigorous and produces an early, good set.

Orsetti Seed Company Inc.
P.O. Box 2350
Hollister, CA 95024-2350
Phone: (831) 636-4822
Fax: (831) 636-4814
Web: www.orsettiseeds.com

BOS 32077 (Hybrid Pepper): A very productive jalapeno with dimensions of approximately 4" x 1 ¼". BOS 32077 generally has straight and cylindrical fruit that decap easily.

BOS 6017 (Hybrid Pepper): A very productive elongated jalapeno for processing. This pepper's 4 - 4 ¾" fruits are thick walled and suitable for slicing. BOS 6017 has large size fruit with excellent density.

Syngenta Seeds Inc.
ROGERS® Brand Vegetable Seeds
600 N. Armstrong Place (83704)
P.O. Box 4188
Boise, ID 83711-4188
Phone: (208) 322-7272
Fax: (208) 378-6625
Web: www.rogersadvantage.com

Affinity: Trialed as RFT 8532, Affinity is a medium dark green, blocky bell pepper that has produced very uniform, principally four-lobed fruit with thick walls. Trialed in California for the main growing season, this variety demonstrated outstanding fruit quality while producing high yields of extra large and large fruit. Affinity's strong plant with exceptional cover helps to protect the fruit from the scorching summer sun. Trial results have also shown the plant to maintain its strength to produce throughout the season. If you're looking for a step up in fruit quality look no further than Affinity.

Crusader: This variety is fast becoming the blocky pepper of choice in the Southeast. In trials, Crusader has shown to be consistent in delivering beautiful high quality fruit of both green and red harvests. Additionally, Crusader has shown excellent adaptability as it is recommended for all planting slots in the Southeast U.S. It typically produces dark green, blocky large and extra-large sizes that hold their shape and firmness under a wide range of conditions.

Resistant to the bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, Crusader offers a full range of virus resistance for maximum insurance in the event that the diseases strike. Crusader can deliver an excellent green or red product providing the needed firmness to take the ride to retail. With Crusader, growers have the option to match a value-added market with a high quality product.

Stiletto: With Stiletto's (RPP 8505-VP) first-to-market resistance, this new ROGERS® brand pepper puts growers on the defensive against outbreaks of TSWV. Trialed extensively in Georgia, Stiletto demonstrated resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus and bacterial leaf spot races 1-3.

Yield potential is excellent for this new, medium dark green, blocky-to-deep blocky hybrid. In trials, Stiletto set a high percentage of extra-large fruit on the crown pick. Even under stressful climatic conditions, this hybrid continued to deliver thanks to its strong, medium-tall plant and dense canopy. In addition, the trial plants responded well to the application of Gibberellins to lengthen internodes and provide more cover.

Paladin: Paladin is the first of a new line of Phytophthora-tolerant VIP peppers. It is one of the only Phytophthora-tolerant hybrids that have produced acceptable fruit size and quality for the commercial fresh market. An early to mid-maturing variety, Paladin has produced excellent yields of blocky to deep-blocky, extra large fruit in commercial trials. Its vigorous, compact plant has delivered a semi-concentrated set of high quality, dark green fruit.

Encore: Growers using Encore in their pepper program have grown to depend on this variety to make size and maintain quality. Adaptable to a range of cultural practices from Kern County up to Sacramento County, this pepper consistently delivers smooth, extra-large and large fruit on a strong, medium plant. In the Central Valley, excellent plant coverage protects fruit, whether planted for early summer or fall harvest. In coastal California plantings, Encore maintains its shape and size in cool temperatures, enabling growers to take advantage of increased demand for larger sizes by harvesting a higher percentage of extra large fruit.

Brigadier: A solid favorite in the Southeast, Brigadier is noted for its combination of high yields, big size and ability to take the trip to retail with outstanding arrivals. Supported with an ample fertilizer program, Brigadier typically produces a strong, erect bush with high yields of extra large and large peppers. Brigadier's ability to set and size under demanding growing conditions has made it an ideal choice for Florida and Georgia growers. For fall and spring harvests, with the threat of bacterial races 1-3, Brigadier's defenses held, providing maximum yields of high quality fruit.

Harris Moran Seed Company
P.O. Box 4938
Modesto CA 95357
Phone: (209) 579-7333
Fax: (209) 527-8674
Web: www.harrismoran.com

Revolution: This new Harris Moran pepper variety produces extra-large fruit that is firm and uniform. Plants are medium tall and vigorous. Revolution has a high concentrated early set for good yields. It is resistance to Xv 1,2,3 and 5 and has intermediate resistance to CMV and Phytophthroa capsici.

Patriot: This is a high yielding variety that produces very blocky, thick-walled fruit and has a concentrated fruit set. Patriot is resistant to BLS 1,2,3 and P and PVY.

Heritage VR: This Harris Moran pepper variety is resistant to TSWV and BLS, races 1,2,3 and 5. It produces vigorous and healthy plants and produces mostly extra-large and large-sized fruit.

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