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Tomato Variety Update

The Tomato Magazine
Feburary 2005

Hazera Seeds Inc.
745 Balboa Street
Grove Beach, CA 93433
Phone/Fax: (805) 473-3452
Cell: (805) 559-0844

HA-3074: A high quality, globe-shaped 300-400 gram beef tomato with uniform green shoulders suitable for either "vine-ripe" or mature green harvest for the Florida and East Coast growing areas. It has a strong plant habit with excellent cover and good heating setting ability. It has a strong disease package of V, FF, TMV, PTO, N, TSWV and TYLCV tolerance/resistance. Its maturity is normal and has high yield potential.

HA-3371: A high quality, 100-135 gram "roma" tomato. It has a strong plant habit and is a very early variety especially important for those regions where earliness is critical. It has a strong disease package of V, FF, PTO, TSWV and TYLCV tolerance/resistance. It has the potential for high yields.

Sakata Seed America Inc.
P.O. Box 880
Morgan Hill, CA 95038
Phone: (408) 778-7758
Fas: (408) 778-7768

Muriel: Similar in type to Monica, Muriel offers comparable shape, yield and size with resistance to both nematodes and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Muriel has performed very well in the Southeast where its resistance to TSWV also provides some good insurance. Muriel is jointed and has a uniform shoulder.

Red Delight: Red Delight is a high yielding round tomato hybrid developed for Florida and the eastern United States. This variety produces a high percentage of extra large fruit that are very firm and have excellent color. Red Delight is resistant to Verticillium wilt race 1, Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2, Alternaria stem canker and is tolerant to gray leaf spot.

Red Pride: This short stake tomato is ideal for East Coast and Florida production. It produces oblate to deep oblate fruit with a good blossom end and good color. This variety is a consistent performer. Red Pride is late in maturity and has a strong vigorous plant with large flat leaves and excellent cover.

STM 0231: New from Sakata's tomato program, this determinate round tomato produces competitive yields of large fruit. This variety offers smooth, uniform shouldered fruit with a small blossom end scar. STM 0231 has excellent firmness and a sturdy plant that provides good crop cover. STM 0231 is resistant to Verticillium wilt race 1, Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2, Alternaria stem canker and gray leaf spot.

STM 2203: Sakata's newest tomato, STM 2203 is a large round, determinate type that has trialed well in the Southeast. It is both heat tolerant and resistant to TSWV, two very important benefits for the Florida tomato market! STM 2203 produces firm and uniformly shaped fruit.

2700 Camino del Sol
Oxnard, CA 93030
(866) 334-1056
Fax (805) 918-2488

Seminis fresh market tomatoes are bred for success. Seminis makes a tremendous investment in tomato research to bring North American growers the very best varieties possible. Seminis has tomato breeding programs on both coasts of the United States with a total of six breeders, three in California and three in Florida, all working to develop tomatoes with the traits growers want and need.

Seminis evaluates its tomatoes for North America at six research sites in the United States, one in Mexico and one in Guatemala. Additionally, the North American programs are supported by Seminis research facilities around the world and in both hemispheres. To ensure every Seminis tomato grower gets the variety best-suited to the local growing conditions, Seminis also conducts trials in hundreds of grower's fields under a wide range of soil, cultural and climatic conditions. This commitment to quality means growers can rely on Seminis to bring them the high quality, high yielding and disease resistant varieties they want.

Biltmore: A large, smooth, heavy, uniform green fresh market tomato with a continuous set. The plant is an early, strong determinate that sets nice size fruit to the top with mid-season maturity. Biltmore has a high yield potential of uniform, round, firm fruit with no blossom end scar. It is resistant to Asc, V-1, F-1, F-2 and St.

Cupid: An indeterminate fresh market grape tomato. It has a vigorous plant that sets clusters of grape tomatoes with a high sugar content. The oval-shaped fruit has an excellent red color and a sweet flavor. Cupid is resistant to F-1, Asc and St. It has intermediate resistance to BSK.

Tygress (XP 1432427)

is a main season fresh market tomato with resistance to TYLC. It produces deep oblate, smooth, uniform fruit on a vigorous, determinate plant with a high yield potential of high quality fruit. Tygress is also resistant to ASC, V1, F1, F2, St and ToMV.

Florida 47 (R): This variety is well-adapted for mature green and vine ripe production in the eastern U.S. The uniform green fruit is exceptionally firm, uniformly extra-large and smooth with a deep oblate shape. The tall, vigorous plant has excellent foliage and fruit cover and is resistant to V-1, F-1, F-2, Asc and Stemphylium.

SunGuard: A midseason hybrid with good yield potential, typically producing smooth-shouldered, large to extra-large fruit with very good firmness and excellent red color. SunGuard has a medium-size, determinate plant that is resistant to V-1, F-1, F-2, F-3, ASC and has intermediate resistance to St.

Western Seed Americas Inc.
P.O Box 2871
Westport, CT 06880
Tel: (203) 226 3050 Fax: 203 454 3317

Western Seed continues to develop new and unique varieties for the North American market. From our expanding field tomato program, which has screening locations in Spain, Morocco, Holland, Mexico and the U.S. (FL), we selected and introduced the following new varieties:

WS 4025 (ASX 334): A medium tall, determinate plant with good foliage cover, producing globe-shaped fruit with smooth blossom ends. This variety produces large to extra large fruit (+7.5 oz) that ripen to a full red color. The shelf life and vine-ripening qualities of these flavorful fruits are excellent. This variety is showing good results in Southeastern growing areas. TmVF2.

WS 4062: This determinate roma shows great potential, especially in areas with Tswv pressure. Its strong, disease resistance package is combined with a productive plant that produces uniform, firm, large fruits (3 oz.). Plant is medium to large size, strong, with good cover. TmVF2NTwBs.

WS 4024: In addition to the red grape cherries, Western Seed developed a yellow grape tomato. This indeterminate variety produces a large number of high quality fruits of about 10 - 15 grams. These bite-size fruits have a sweet, garden flavor with a brix of 7 and higher.

WS 4064: Another specialty from the Western Seed development program is the pink grape tomato. Like our yellow grape, this indeterminate hybrid is very productive with high quality fruits of about 10-15 grams. Brix 7.5-8.

Johnny's Selected Seeds
955 Benton Avenue
Winslow, Maine 04901
Phone: (800) 854-2580
Fax: (800) 738-6314

Striped Cavern: A hollow, striped tomato as well as a striking, unique variety. It produces small, bell pepper-like tomatoes, red with gold stripes; these average 8 ounces. The fruit is hollow inside except for a small cluster of seeds - perfect for stuffing, cooked or raw. Indeterminate. Organically grown. 80 days to maturity.

Golden Sweet F1: A wonderful yellow grape and a perfect complement to Red Grape. Fruit is firm, bite-size, deep yellow and grow in long clusters on tall, healthy plants. The best-eating yellow grape with mild, sweet flavor. Resists cracking. Indeterminate. 60 days.
Striped German: An heirloom tomato that features bicolor red and yellow fruit. The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. This tomato has a complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture. Medium-tall vines. Organically grown seed. 78 days to maturity.

BHN-189 F1: A new "Hot set" type similar to Valley Girl except the plant is a little taller and the fruit somewhat larger and smoother. 64 days to maturity.

New Girl F1: This is the first early and offers great taste. In fact, it is better tasting and more disease resistant than Early Girl. Widely adapted. 62 days.

Paragon: A heavy-hitting main crop shipping tomato. Organic wholesale growers take note that organic seed is now available. The vigorous vine produces a heavy set of large, smooth, firm, globe-shaped fruits. Very good taste. Determinate. 78 Days.

Syngenta Seeds Inc.
ROGERS® Brand Vegetable Seeds
600 N. Armstrong Place (83704)
P.O. Box 4188
Boise, ID 83711-4188
Phone: (208) 322-7272
Fax: (208) 378-6625

Talladega (RFT 0871): One of ROGERS® newest beef tomatoes, Talladega is a staked determinate beef well suited for the Eastern U.S., specifically South Georgia and North It has TSWV, V1 and F1 and 2 resistance and produces a very productive, strong, medium-to tall-plant with good cover. Fruit are globe to deep globe in shape with a slightly ribbed shoulder. Size is mostly large and extra large. It has mid-season maturity with a heavy set.

Indy (RFT 2374): One of ROGERS® newest beef tomatoes, Indy is well suited for the Eastern U.S., specifically the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Fruit are prolific and principally extra-large and large beef type. A high quality tomato for the vine-ripe market, Indy matures in early to mid-season and has good flavor and color. Plants are medium in size but have very good plant cover. The variety has expected resistance to V1, F1 and 2 and St.

Bobcat: A California determinate open field variety. In California mature green and vine-ripe markets, Bobcat has demonstrated the fruit quality, uniformity and firmness to make it an unwavering choice for early and mid-season plantings. Typically producing smooth fruit in the large and extra-large sizes, Bobcat's plant habit has been vigorous, yet compact enough to provide excellent foliage protection to the crop. Typically,
Bobcat produces high yields of uniform extremely firm fruit that hold up well from farm to market for mature green to vine-ripe harvest.

Soraya: Resistant to Fusarium Race 3 and Fusarium Crown Rot. If you are looking for a high quality, main season, determinate stake beef tomato with F3 and FCR resistance, Soraya (RFT 0252) is recommended. In trials, Soraya has been shown to produce, high quality, principally extra large and large fruit with uniform color shoulders. Fruit quality characteristics have been excellent, from tight blossom ends to smooth shoulders. Soraya sets very well, especially at the top of the plant and is recommended for light pruning. With a great disease package, high quality fruit and large sizes, Soraya reinforces ROGERS' commitment to breeding quality. For more information, please contact one of these exclusive dealers for Soraya Seedway at (800) 952-7333 or Siegers at (800) 962-4999.

Miroma: This is a California determinate saladette. MiRoma raises the bar for determinate saladette tomatoes in California's San Joaquin Valley. In trials, this large blocky saladette produced high yields of smooth, firm, principally extra large and large fruit approximately five days earlier then Monica. MiRoma is very thick walled with a deep red color. The plant is typically strong with a good canopy and concentrated set of uniformly maturing fruit, well suited for a once over hand harvest. MiRoma also has the added benefit of nematode resistance. If you're looking for a quality roma with high packouts, ask for MiRoma.

P.O. Box 3267
Immokalee, FL 34142
Phone: (239) 352-1100
Fax: (239) 352-1565

For 25 years BHN Seed has focused solely on fresh market tomato variety development. Integrating scientific expertise and cutting edge technologies, BHN Seed has built a strong progressive program in tomato breeding worldwide, with research facilities in Florida, California, Mexico and Chile. Extensive disease resistances are available on a large selection of premium large fruit, roma/saladette and cherries that offer consistent yield, size and quality for outdoor and greenhouse production. BHN Seed's commitment to tomatoes is singular in the seed industry and it shows in the following commercial hybrids for the U.S. and Canada:

BHN 589: A main season determinate hybrid tomato that combines high yield potential and excellent quality fruit with high flavor. The firm, attractive, uniform green fruit are well suited to local market or vine-ripe production throughout the eastern U.S. BHN 589 has a productive, disease tolerant bush that growers need and the smooth, large, very good flavor tomatoes that consumers want.

BHN 685: A hybrid roma tomato developed for eastern U.S. growers. It produces a high percentage of extra large roma fruit popular in current markets. The bush is very strong and does well in fields with light ground where it is difficult to grow a strong plant. The tall bush and extended set allow for a little longer harvest period than current varieties. Growers in the southeastern U.S. should note that it has resistance to both Tomato Spotted Wilt virus and Fusarium Wilt race three.

BHN 580: A new variety that has performed very well from early spring through fall production in California's Central Valley. It produces large to extra large smooth fruit with mid-season maturity. The medium-size vine has very good cover.

BHN 654: This variety was selected for California's Central Valley early and late seasons. Its smooth flat-globe fruit are mid early in maturity on a compact plant with good vine cover. It has high yield potential and high pack-out of extra large fruit.

Harris Moran Seed Company
P.O. Box 4938
Modesto, CA 95357
Phone: (209) 579-7333
Fax: (527) 8674

Amelia F1 VR: Introducing the new choice for tomato growers in Fusarium 3 and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus-plagued areas. Amelia has multiple disease resistance including TSWV and F3. It produces firm and aromatic fruit, ideal for green and vine-ripe harvest. It has a crack tolerant skin produces a vigorous determinate plant with an excellent leaf canopy. Amelia is well adapted to stake culture.

El Cid F1: This variety produces both extra-large and large quality fruit, export quality. High amounts are extra large. Plants are vigorous and very high yielding. Fruit is firm, uniform in size and excellent in color. El Cid is well adapted to culture in colder conditions

Plum Crimson F1 Hybrid: This is a homozygous, crimson gene variety with firmness, flavor and F3 resistance. It produces firm large to extra large uniform color fruit. Plants are medium in size with excellent cover and produce very high early yields and total production. Plum Crimson has good response to ethylene. Fruit are a deep dark red color and are high in lycopene.

Mountain Fresh Plus F1 (HMX 2807): Similar to Mountain Fresh only with nematode, V1 and F1 and 2 resistance. This variety produces large vines with good cover. Fruit are globe-shaped, extra large in size and firm. Maturity is similar to Mountain Fresh-late.

Solar Fire F1: A hot, new heat tolerant tomato, Solar Fire is strong in terms of disease resistance and is tolerant to most fruit disorders; it has improved crack tolerance. Its large firm fruit ripen well. Medium vines do not require pruning.

D. Palmer Seed Company Inc.
8269 S. Highway 95
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: (928) 341-8494
Fax: (928) 341-9496

Since 1992, D. Palmer Seed Company, Inc. has been working with private, independent tomato breeders from around the world. The company has focused on those independent breeders who have exhibited the ability to both keep up with the market trends and respond equitably to newly found resistances to disease, increases in yield ability and adaptation to new demands from the marketplace.

The following are a few of the company's extensive line of tomato varieties available:

Red Grape: A hybrid indeterminate grape shape tomato with good leaf cover and bright red fruit that is excellent for bit-size eating. Fruit are consistent and firm with an excellent shape. Red Grape can be grown as open field or greenhouse. Tolerances: Late blight and leaf spot virus.

Lin-dette™: A hybrid indeterminate Roma-dette™ tomato that can be grown in a greenhouse or open field. With well arranged, pendulant clusters, this variety offers excellent brix levels and an outstanding taste in a distinctive shape-a new and unusual tomato. Tolerances: tomato mosaic virus, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt.

Ron-dette™: A hybrid indeterminate Roma-dette™ tomato that can be grown in a greenhouse or open field with early maturity. With its brilliant red coloring and high brix, this variety is ideal for the snack food industry and can be picked as single fruit or on trusses. Tolerances: Late blight, leaf spot, high temperatures.

Lynnette: A hybrid determinate cherry tomato of mid maturity. This open field tomato features an outstanding red color with bite-sized, firm and great tasting frut that make for an attractive display. Lynnette requires less cultural inputs and water than greenhouse varieties. Tolerances: tobacco mosaic virus, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt race 2, sunburn, cracking.

Mini Charm: A hybrid indeterminate cherry/cocktail tomato that can be grown as an open field or greenhouse variety with double-stem pruning desirable. This tomato may bear 20-60 fruit per cluster that are bright red in color and have a good shelf life. With its high sugar content and special flavor, this is a very popular variety. Tolerances: Tobacco mosaic virus, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, races 1 and 2.

Nirit Seeds Ltd.
Moshav Hadar Am
42935, Israel
Phone: 00-972-9-8322435
Fax: 00-972-9-8322438

Nirit Seeds Ltd, Israel, concentrates on five main seed crops: tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, melons and watermelons. Our breeding experts do their utmost to develop and breed many types of products for each crop so that we can meet the requirements of the many varied markets worldwide. With this in mind, the Nirit Seeds breeding department has developed a new series of plum and cluster tomato varieties suitable for specialized markets.



9993 and 8387: The mini plum variety 9993 and midi plum variety 8387 produce remarkably great tasting fruit-an ideal balance between acids and sugars. Their deep, shiny red color also makes them commercially attractive. Consumer will appreciate the superb taste of these specialized varieties. Both are indeterminate and suitable to be harvested in clusters or as single fruit.

The 9993 mini plum variety weighs 10-15 grams and is resistant to Fusarium and Tomato Mosiac Virus while the 8387 midi plum weighs 25-30 grams and is resistant to Verticillium Wilt, nematodes, Fusarium and Tomato Mosiac Virus.

Shani: In the round cherry tomato class, Shani is the most prominent and is suitable for harvesting single fruit. The fruit weight of this indeterminate variety is 20-35 grams, if grown on one stem per plant, or 15-25 grams, when grown without pruning. This variety can be harvested early or late in the season. It is resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium races 1 and 2, Tomato Mosiac Virus and nematodes.

The following special varieties are indeterminate and can be grown in greenhouses or open fields on stakes:

Z264 (Madonna): A midi plum variety with special fruit and taste. It produces a compact plant (8 clusters up to 1.5 meters) and therefore saves on pruning. Madonna is tolerant/resistant to Fusarium races 1 and 2, Verticillium and Tomato Mosiac Virus.

Z274: A midi plum variety with excellent color and special sweetness similar to varieties in the Far East. It is tolerant/resistant Fusarium races 1 and 2, Verticillium, nematodes and Tomato Mosiac Virus.

8092: A traditional Italian type, 8092 produces small fruit (40-50 grams) with strong green shoulders. It is bred for harvesting when the color breaks through. 8092 is tolerant/resistant Fusarium race 1, Verticillium and Tomato Mosiac Virus.

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