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The Tomato Magazine
October 2006

2006 Florida Tomato Institute Well Attended

From food safety issues to the impact of rising energy costs on profi tability, Florida’s tomato industry has been updated on the latest research available. The 2006 Florida Tomato Institute took place Sept. 6 at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Fla.

There were no hurricanes ravaging the area at the time. The institute was well attended. George Hochmuth, associate dean for research at the University of Florida, Gainesville, welcomed guests and introduced the program. Following a “state of the Florida tomato” address by Reggie Brown, manager of the Florida Tomato Committee, Mike Aerts with the\ Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association in Orlando, updated the group on methyl bromide availability for 2007 and beyond. The amount of methyl bromide that can be legally used continues to dwindle and will continue to do so until the product is eventually phased out entirely.

Other presentations at the 2006 Institute include:
• “Food Safety and the Florida Tomato Industry,” Martha Roberts, UF/IFAS, Gainesville
• “Impact of Energy Issues on the Florida Tomato Industry,” John VanSickle, UF/IFAS, Gainesville
• “Labor Challenges for the Florida Tomato Industry,” Walter Kates, Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Orlando
• “Potential Impact of Increased Effi ciency in Harvesting and Packing of Fresh Tomatoes,” Steve Sargent, UF/IFAS, Gainesville
• “Research Update on Grape Tomatoes: Varieties, Taste Tests and Response to N Rates,” Eric Simonne, UF/IFAS, Gainesville
• “Nitrogen BMP Efforts with Tomato Production in Florida in the 2005-06 Season,” Monica Ozores-Hampton, UF/IFAS, SWFREC, Immokalee
• “Whitefl y Resistance Update and proposed Mandated Burn Down Rule,” Dave Schuster, UF/IFAS, GCREC, Wimauma
• “TYLCV-Resistant Cultivar Trial and Whitefl y Control,” Kent Cushman, UF/IFAS, SWFREC, Immokalee

In depth reports on selected presentations will appear in future issues.

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